Correactology® Practitioners’ Message

Licensed Correactology® Practitioners

  • Julie Bédard CHCP®
  • Lori-Anne Butyn CHCP®
  • Marie-Line Cronier CHCP®
  • Jenny Davidson CHCP®
  • Nicole Fredette CHCP®
  • Allan Lapointe CHCP®
  • Louis Lapointe CHCP®
  • Michael Lapointe CHCP®
  • Julie Léger-DiMaio CHCP®
  • Alannah Luttrell CHCP®
  • Sara McCulligh CHCP®
  • Mathieu Roy CHCP®
  • Adam Waszczylo CHCP®

In recent years, Canadians have begun to actively seek out alternative health care treatments. The most recent National Population Health Survey by Statistics Canada found 20% of Canadians — that’s 5.4 million Canadians — reported using some type of alternative or complementary health care during the previous 12 months.

We encourage our patients to be empowered – to take charge of their health and to consequently regain the quality of life they deserve. Correactology® Health Care promotes, improves, restores and maintains health and wellness in the individual.

Each of our Correactology® Centers is staffed by a team of health care professionals committed to providing quality care that is both accessible and comprehensive.