History of Correactology®

  • 1996
    Michael Lapointe is introduced to leg testing and realizes a Health Care Provider is able to collect body data in a very unique way.
  • 1998
    LaPointe Group opens its first Health Care Center on William Street in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.
  • 2000
    Allan Lapointe develops the hypothesis that the human body is divided into 8 segmental families of cells (Allan’s Principle).
  • 2002
    Louis, Michael, and Allan Lapointe begin to refine the Correactology® Health Care modality through their research and study of patient data. Correactology Health Care Group Inc, a federal Canadian corporation, is incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act.

    Correactology® Health Care had known great findings to the point that it became a teachable program. Angèle Lapointe starts working at developing the Correactology® Practitioner Program.

  • 2008
    The Canadian Institute of Correactology is incorporated as a federal Canadian not-for-profit teaching facility to deliver the Correactology® Practitioner Program. The Canadian Association of Correactology Practitioners is incorporated as a federal Canadian not-for-profit organization.
  • 2009
    First student enrolment in the Correactology® Practitioner Program.
  • 2011
    Starting in 2011 until 2016, five Correactology® Centers were opened in Southern Ontario and five in Northern Ontario.
  • 2016
    The Canadian Institute of Correactology enters into a partnership with Collège Boréal to deliver the full theoretical and practical components of the Correactology® Practitioner Program.